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How to Find Grants and Scholarships for College Students

High school seniors looking to attend college are often told to look for grants and scholarships. That’s sound advice, but is it detailed enough? Where should you look for scholarships for college? And should you start looking before your senior year? We’ll answer that last question now: of course you should!

We put together this article to help you apply for scholarships, and also identify certain college grants (including specialized programs, like college grants for women) which can reduce your overall university expenses – and who doesn’t love saving extra money? Keep reading to find out how you can connect with scholarships for college.

Tips to Find Scholarships for College Students

Scholarships for college students are available. But plenty of incoming college freshmen apparently never get the memo. According to one estimate, nearly $3 billion in unclaimed scholarship and grant money is left on the table every year. But it doesn’t have to be this way. To optimize your chances of getting a college scholarship, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Look local. Most high schools are supported by local civic organizations, non-profits and other community-based groups. In San Diego, Reality Changers is a prime example. These establishments promote and encourage post-high school educational opportunities in the form of grants and scholarships. Ask your high school guidance counselor about specific scholarships and grants available, and also ask how to apply. While many local grants are small, they can add up!
  1. Establish and develop your connections. While the majority of high school students don’t have a well-established professional network to utilize, that doesn’t mean they’re automatically disqualified for many of the grants for college students. If you’re applying to a college that a few of your teachers attended, ask for a reference. See if you know (or a friend or family member knows) any local professionals that work in your chosen field. Many scholarships for college students are based on a professional reference, and having a slight connection – no matter how slight – can make a big difference when you apply for scholarships.
  1. Apply, apply, apply. As the old saying goes, “Ask and ye shall receive.” In order to gain grants and scholarships, you have to ask. And in the world or scholarships for college, that means you have to apply. BestColleges.com is one of the best places to find scholarships for college students. Their website usually lists more than 20,000 different scholarships and grants up for grabs – visit their website to apply!

Grants and Scholarships for College Students

Here’s the bottom line with grants and scholarships: they’re worth looking into, in order to improve your own bottom line. The federal government, local organizations and non-profits like Reality Changers are just some sources that offer millions of annual dollars to incoming college freshmen.

Good luck in your own search for college scholarships! We hope this information is helpful in obtaining extra money for your post-high school education. For more information about how to apply for entry into the Reality Changers mentoring and college preparatory program, fill out an application. If you’re interested in donating to Reality Changers, click here.

Thanks for visiting Reality Changers. We wish you the best of luck in your search for grants and scholarships. From our unique perspective, we can tell you that there are many scholarships available – you just have to look! Our firsthand experiences and our non-profit model – we’re fortunate to receive generous donations from local business leaders, philanthropists and anonymous sources – illustrates the compassionate, caring mindset that creates many grants and scholarships in the first place!

Never give up hope on your college dreams – and never stop looking for grants and scholarships! For more information about Reality Changers, call our main number at 619.516.2222.